Interiors by Ashley Launch

After a very successful launch that’s Suzy and myself an official partnership! We had a fantastic day, met old and new clients, suppliers, friends and family all came to be part of our very special day.  Sounds like a wedding, you say? Well all partnerships are like a marriage, and the best ones are those who are yin and yang!  We are Suzy and Ashley, Inverurie’s very own Thelma and Louise ha ha!

Suzy & I

Our launch, we did think a lot about what we were going to do on the day!  For our goodie bag’s, Suzy came up with the genius idea of having something that incorporated all five sensory elements.  So our clients were most impressed with their exclusive quirky goodie bag.  We also had the most amazing cupcakes – which melted in our mouths!  All in all a very good day indeed, we gave away raffles and raised money for charity Teenage Cancer charity too!


We launched our new look studio back in September at the home show, where I had the pleasure of meeting Linda Barker, one of my truly inspirational designers’, and equally as charming off screen as she is on!  The home show was a great platform for us to launch the Interior Design service and was overwhelmed by the reaction from visitors who had travelled far and near to our stand.

AECC Homeshow 2015

At the show we showcased two Designers who we are very fond of indeed.  Scottish Couture Designer Iona Crawford, who herself, is just breaking into the interior world. Renowned for her couture fashion, took the obvious plunge into launching her own unique Textile Range.  Then of course Anna Jacobs, what a talent she is.  Her breathtaking designs are truly vibrant and certainly different. Which is refreshing to see such bursts of colours working well together.

Our Spring window which we launched Mid February has been a real show stopper for many people meandering past our studio.  As you can see, its a real “wow” feature!  We fell in love when we saw the test prints at the tail end of 2015 and couldn’t wait to showcase the vibrancy early 2016!  You can see for yourself, the colours are just amazing and with all the doom and gloom around our neck of the woods just now – its nice to see that we are that little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!  We’ve been so impressed with how many clients have opened their eyes to incorporating yellow into their homes.  This particular range has been popular for bedrooms (you’ll never wake up in a bad mood again!) and sun lounges.  For adding just a splash of colour, this range is ideal.

Studio Window

We are proud to say that we have North of the Border exclusivity of Anna’s collections, which is ideal for our clients seeking that ‘something different’.  This isn’t available on the High Street, but is available at 26 Market Place, Inverurie.