Back to Basics

Hopefully throughout my blogs, you will find useful tips and hints for all your interior needs. Firstly, people need to realise a few things when embarking on changing schemes in your home. The family home is the catalyst, anchor, foundation for all family life. Therefore, it’s essential, that the living environment reflects the different personalities and characters that occupy.


It would be lovely to have the ideal show home effect, but harsh reality is that people live in your home everyday and each room has a purpose and is utilised.  So there needs to be a balance of the ideal home scenario and the practicalityof your desired schemes. The difference from taking your scheme straight out of a interior magazine and making it your home.  One of the major problems, I see with many of my clients is their rapid need to have the entire house completed within a short period of time. “Rome, wasn’t built in a day”, so true.  Many of my clients, get a little bombarded with the whole house scheme.

My advice……….move in, get settled and take time to get to know your new surroundings, this will form a plateau for your decisions when


‘your ready’!  Then, make a priority list, which rooms are requiring immediate focus and attention, could be the children’s rooms. Let’s be honest happy kids make for happy parents.  Social areas, if you’re a couple who entertain a you may wish to have these areas completed first.  The whole time you are compiling this list, you are also thinking about the desired outcome.  The internet is a fabulous place to start, but be careful, you could fall under the “show house” banner here, but start creating a scrapbook, it’s amazing what little things will influence your end result………… old t-shirt(you love the colour), a quote (you’d love to see on the wall) or your child wants to be the next Wayne Ronney! (Feature wall of Old Trafford). Whatever it is, take notes, rip out pages of catalogues, magazines! Print off images from the net (or do your bit for the environment and create a photo album on your pad, mac or phone).

Whatever it is start by compiling your scrapbook, and let your Interior Designer help with the rest!


Ashley x